mail_app128x128Webmail for OWA premium features:
– no ads are displayed
– the app signature from outgoing mails are removed
– setup of favorite mail folders
– multiple accounts (up to 4)
– reply and forward mails
– invitations accept/decline
– colors settings of some of the visual elements
– search messages/contacts

The activation code is linked to your e-mail address that you use for your Google Account on your device. You can see this e-mail address if you go to About|Remove Ads|Manual Activation (same function which you will have to use once you got your code). Please enter this e-mail address below!

After completion of your purchase, you will get the activation code to your PayPal e-mail address shortly. Please don’t forget to check your SPAM folder! If you do not receive the code, contact our customer support at

If the received code does not work, send a screen-shot of your activation window (Menu, About, Remove Ads, Manual Activation), where the ID used by the app can be seen.

E-mail address: