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1. Indroduction

Webmail for OWA
is an iOS mail client app. It can connect to an Outlook Web App (OWA) server.

What is an OWA server? If you have access to a Microsoft Exchange server at your office you usually use Microsoft Outlook on your desktop PC. This connection is through the company’s internal net. If you are on the go or at home, you usually are not able to use Microsoft Outlook, and certainly not on your Android device. However there is an extension to Microsoft Exchange server to give access on the internet through a web interface (webmail). This interface is called Outlook Web App.

OWA Webmail uses this web interface to access your mail, so you do not have concern yourself with IT security issues and protocols. The app does not sync anything with your device, all messages, contacts etc. remain on your server.

NOTE: It is not a general webmail client, so you cannot use it for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail etc.

NOT SUPPORTED by current version:
– attachment upload
– features that are not supported by OWA ligth interface

2. How to connect to OWA

To access this OWA interface you need an internet address, called URL, your username and your password. These should be provided by your IT department. The URL usually looks like this:, where the organization is you company name.

Some servers require a domain name also, in this case the username is: domain\username

If you use Office 365, which is also supported by the app, the URL is: Please note that the username for Office 365 is your full e-mail address.

IMPORTANT NOTE for OFFICE 365 users: The app uses the light version of OWA, so the “Use the light version of Outlook Web App” checkbox must be checked in the options.

Before you set-up the app, try from your desktop PC if you have the above 3 crucial data (URL, username, password) and you can login.

Supported OWA versions at the moment:
– Outlook Web App 2010 (tested with version
– Office 365 (tested with version


3. Setting up OWA Webmail to connect to your OWA server

When you install the app, all settings are empty, so the Settings View will popup automatically, with the following screen:

owa-settingsYou have to enter the URL for your OWA server (Outlook Web App URL). Please make sure that the protocol identifier ‘https://’ is included, and any extra tags after the main owa folder are removed.

You also have to enter your username and password.

The Initial Zoom can be used to set the zooming for the message view.

Clicking OK, or when your settings are already set-up and you start the app, the app will try to login.

If the app cannot login for some reason (URL not pointing to a supported login form or wrong credentials), the app will switch to its built-in WebView interface to show you the original HTML page with the possible error. There is a common mistake here that users make, they try to login again from here. While this may work, the app looses its purpose since you are back using the clumsy web browser.

NOTE: The app does not sync anything with your device, all messages, contact etc. are on your Exchange server. You need an active data connection (Wi-Fi or mobile) to access your server.

4. Main View functions


5. Message View functions


6. In-app purchase

It is possible to buy an OWA Webmail License as an iTunes in-app purchase from the main screen, Menu, About, Purchase. The licensed app offers the following advantages over the free version:

– support further development
– removes ads from the bottom
– removes app signature from all outgoing e-mails
– enables attachment download by external iOS browser